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Hello everyone from Terra Amata Architecture, I’m Emin! Gone are the days when Virtual Reality was a futuristic concept from science fiction movies like The Matrix. I am proud to introduce We Istanbul Architectural Sales Simulation, which is the top software technology of the Architecture and Construction industry.


We Istanbul Simulation Project

Let's Understand How It Works

Learn how to access We Istanbul Architectural Sales Simulation from anywhere in the world.

Our aim here is to introduce and explain the We Istanbul project from all over the world in a real-time 3D environment.


  • Surrounding Interface (Helps us to see important structures & activities around Ümraniye)
  • Facilities Interface ( It shows the activities and facilities in We Istanbul oroje. Example : Sauna , Reception , Kids Playground … )
  • Unit Search (Filter basic features such as budget or room size)
  • Traveling by Car in Istanbul
  • Istanbul Sky Diving (You can parachute into Istanbul and experience the environment from the sky)
  • Changing the Time (You can turn the day into night or adjust the hours as you want)
  • Gallery Interface (Interface that shows We Istanbul renders or videos)
  • Transition to Indoor Simulations (Users can easily access indoor simulations such as apartments, garden or sauna)


  • Interactive Floor Plan (Floor Plans Showing Our Subject on the Plan & Can Easily Take You to the Section You Want to Go)
  • Concept Art (Artistic expression of the project)
  • Drone and Human Mode (You Can Navigate at Human Scale or Soar in the Air with Drone Mode)
  • 360 Panorama ( 360 panoramic real view of We Istanbul and its surroundings )
  • Movie (series) Player
  • Keyboard / Mouse / Game Controller
  • VR Interface

Why We Istanbul Simulation

Before this technology, we could describe the project with plans, 3D pictures, sample circles and models. No matter how talented the designer is or how accurate the plans are. Communicating any project to someone outside the industry can still be difficult. Most of you are people working outside the construction industry. Even for us architects, it is not easy to understand and feel the 2D or 3D environment project. This is where We Istanbul Architectural Sales Simulation comes into play. Unlike good old plans or even 3D models, Simulation technology is completely immersive. In a way, we’re making what is in the blueprints a reality. It offers a much more accurate and easy-to-understand presentation of how the space will look, feel and function in real life, so that customers can make a more informed decision.

More Accurate Explanation

Buildings are often not just ‘real estate’ for customers. Whether it’s a warm and cozy home where they can age, or a top-notch shopping complex that could save them a fortune, customers are often emotionally inclined to the structure they’re investing in. It is important how the building should look and feel, and that we, the architects, respect your feelings. This is where technology, namely We Istanbul Architectural Simulation, helps.

Such technology not only creates an almost perceptible manifestation of our and yours’ thoughts, it also allows architects to customize everything. Some like to walk on wood, some on stone. Some want to be flashy, some are classy. With We Istanbul Architectural Simulation software, we, architects and developers, show clients what kind of look and feel what material or color will give them a clear idea of ​​what to build from the start. In other words, when you buy an apartment from the We Istanbul project, you will know what you bought and you will never regret knowing.

Terra Amata YAzılım & Mimarlık

Surrounding Section Features

The surrounding section is an interface that shows how We Istanbul fits in with its surroundings, and has all the analysis a homeowner would want to explore. In other words, what is around the We Istanbul project, how far is it, where are the schools, hospitals, mosques, restaurants? Bus stops, metro stations and routes. Shopping venues, financial centers, roads and streets, almost the very city of Istanbul, are in We Istanbul Architectural Sales Simulation.


AnalysisWhat the Host Wants to Know

The environment interface provides analysis of We Istanbul with the environment . What makes it special from other alternatives is that these analyzes are only specific to We Istanbul structure. Every piece of information that a landlord would like to learn has been compiled here , and this information has been tried to be explained fluently .

Clear Perspective

A real-time 3D design can do much more than a traditional plan or sketch. Real-time 3D rendering allows architects to create designs and review experiences that can be viewed from multiple angles by clients so they can get a clear view of the architect’s vision. These designs provide a virtual experience for the customer to understand what the building will look like and its features.


PanoramaReal Images

The blue location marker helps you to make eye-catching analysis by showing where We Istanbul is while you are walking around. With its 360 panorama feature, WE offers us the real view of Istanbul and its surroundings.

Terra Amata Architecture

Amenities Section Features

The Facilities section is an interface that shows what the We Istanbul project offers to the residents, that is, what is available within the We Istanbul project. You will find playground, Fitness Center, Swimming pools, Sports area, Sauna, shelters and much more in this interface. This section also acts as a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces.

We Istanbul

What Does It Offer?Reception , Sauna , GYM & more

It was divided into 5 different categories as leisure , sports , health , transportation and safety . It contains where the properties in these categories are, pictures, information and indoor simulations.

We Istanbul

Unit Search Partition Features

Unit search section, a section that shows all apartments and their properties. Here we see 3 different tile colors. Blue boxes indicate that the flat is available, yellow boxes indicate that the flat is reserved, and red boxes indicate that the flat is sold. On the right, it states the properties of the apartment I clicked on, namely its area, budget, number of rooms and bathrooms, which side it faces, and availability. By pressing the gallery button, I access the plans and pictures of the flat. Below is the filtering section. As you can see, as you increase the field, you will see that some tiles are registered. This means that the fields below the field you specified are no longer displayed. Likewise, I choose my budget, the number of rooms I want, the number of bathrooms, the facade I want to look at, and the ones that suit me are listed in the boxes on the screen. I walk into a circle that I like. I click on the sample circle button.


TextureHigh Material and Light Quality

Architecture is the combination of light and objects. We Istanbul Architectural Sales Simulation used high-resolution, well-designed models to make the building and apartments easy to understand.

We Istanbul

Thanks to We Istanbul Architectural Simulation, you will review the building before you buy it. These designs include cost estimation/optimization, finalization of materials to be used, evaluation of sustainability under different environmental conditions, etc. you will use for This way you will try to avoid mistakes as much as possible. You will consider the stage of making a more accurate decision. You will reach your view, the direction of the sun, the wind, the winter conditions, the environment, the building itself.

Floor Plans

Harmony of 3-d and 2-d

With the real-time harmony of 2-D plans and 3-D models, your dominance of the project will increase. We are simplifying the very complex technology in the background and the complex plans drawn by the architects for you .


Between LevelsThe whole structure is one click away

From the apartments to the corridors, from the corridors to the elevator, from the elevator to the lobby, from the lobby to the garden, everywhere! The software contains more than 140 interconnected levels. Everything about We Istanbul from A to Z.

High Technology

There are so many features that it is impossible to finish. Please watch the video for much better understanding and better experience. If you want to experience it in real time, please contact our office.

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