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Spotless Exhibition Center

Many Dimensions

The Spotless Exhibition Center forms a 3/1 silhouette of the Cro-Magnon city’s coastline. The characters consisting of 0s and 1s were designed by Architect Emin Çelik by Terra Amata Architecture in order to experience artistic beings that cannot exist in the real world in this structure.


Future , Past or Present !

I think we all understand the Cro – Magnon logic . We can call it a real Matrix in popular culture. So why is this exhibition center future, past or present? Because the digital environment gives us the opportunity to create everything. Wouldn’t you like to be a student of Aristotle on the Aegean coast? Or to live the War of Independence exhibition by actually seeing and experiencing that war with your own eyes? Here is a door that opens to the future, but also to the past. One level.

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