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Sabahattin Ali

3D Library

It has the most beautiful view in the universeA futuristic district

Sabahattin Ali Library in a purely digital environment, a digital repository or a digital collection is an online database of text, still images, audio, video content, digital documents of 3D digital objects or other digital media formats, a library accessible through the city of Cro-Magnon .


META data of Sabahattin Ali Library 0 and 1.

In traditional libraries, the ability to find works of interest is directly related to how well they are cataloged. While cataloging digitized electronic works from a library’s existing archive is as simple as copying or moving a record from print to electronic form, complex and innate digital works require significantly more effort. To cope with the increasing volume of electronic publications, new tools and technologies must be designed to allow effective automated semantic classification and search. While full-text searches are available for some items, there are many common catalog searches that cannot be done using full-text including. Here, Sabahattin Ali Library was designed on such a fine basis.

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