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High House Interior  Design & Simulation


Simply put, users get the chance to truly experience and interact with the indoor or outdoor view of their home on a screen. In other words, it makes it possible to experience literally anything, anywhere and anytime.

An Unrivaled Technology

The benefits of explorer Simulation are endless when it comes to Architecture and Interior Design. No matter how talented the designer is or how accurate the plans are. It can still be difficult to communicate this idea to someone outside the industry. This is where Explorer Simulation comes in. Unlike good old plans or even 3D models, Simulation technology is completely immersive. In a way, we’re making what is in the blueprints a reality. It offers a much more accurate and easy-to-understand presentation of how the space will look, feel and function in real life, so that the customer can make a more informed decision.

Until now, we were able to observe the architectural details of the house you wanted to buy, from sample flats or models. Now, with Terra Amata Architecture, you can reach more options without spending a huge amount of money on model apartments or models. How Does ?

High House Indoor Simulation Features

  • Interactive Floor Plan (Floor Plans Showing Our Subject on the Plan & Taking You Easily to the Section You Want to Go)
  • Object and Material Change (You can replace tables, armchairs, etc. with another product. You can also change the materials of tiles, floors or walls)
  • Design / Color Schemes (2 Different Design Schemes Determined by the Architect. In This Way, the User Does Not Have to Change Everything)
  • Drone and Human Mode (You Can Navigate at Human Scale or Soar in the Air with Drone Mode)
  • Movie (series) Player
  • Keyboard / Mouse / Game Controller
  • VR Interface
  • Transition to Indoor Simulations (Users can easily access indoor simulations such as Rooms, Restaurant or Hotel Entrance)

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