Harezmi Tower

First Zero of Cro-Magnon City

The Harezmi Tower is a 360 m high office and shopping center located in the center of Cro-Magnon and is one of the main landmarks of the city. The sloping façade and taut sculptural form provided a calm silhouette as well as a wider variety of floor plates and greater efficiency. The façade was specifically designed to respond to this interior grid, with the uprights being rotated to align with the grid and conceptual partitions, solving complex geometry and making it easier to fit.

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The Hazermi Tower was designed to rise from one end of the river and consist of two connected, curved volumes modeled on the desert topography and covered by digital displays. This deck will offer 360-degree panoramic views of the Cro-Magnon city and the opportunity to skydive and is accessible by elevators equipped with interactive and immersive digital displays.

The tower’s façade will be covered with digital displays that can be used for various occasions and celebrations, further reinforcing the tower’s role at the heart of Cro-Magnon’s community events.

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