Until now, we were able to observe the architectural details of the house you wanted to buy, from sample flats or models. Now, with Terra Amata Architecture, you can reach more options without wasting money on model apartments or models. How Does ?

Designed for a new financial center called the Cro-Magnon headquarters Base, the Leonardo Da Vinci Tower is set to become one of the tallest buildings in the city, with a height of nearly 400 meters.

Do you know how CO2 affects the seas? The CO2 coming out of your car mixes with the sky. The seas and oceans absorb 30% of this CO2. In this way, the pH of the water rises. So seawater becomes more acidic. The effect of this on living things with simple organisms is so great that it almost disappears .

Babbage Technology Center, one of the masterpieces of the Cro-Magnon city, houses many different high-tech companies and forms the silhouette of almost the entire earth in the plain context of the city with the port.