Dicle Business Center

Man is like a river, known only superficially; what it hides in its depths , nor does it say that as soon as the storms break . It just flows and goes silently.


Cro - Magnon's Great River

Dicle Business Center is dominated by a triangular shape that acts as a “triangle” that allows insiders to look out and feel the activity and movement taking place in the street. Through the same glass “triangle”, the interior atrium presents itself to passersby by invoking intrigue into the building’s general environment. On each floor, people They have open access workspaces where they can choose from closed offices, open plan workstations or even a workspace located in an open courtyard.



The aim of Dicle Business Center to create a “more efficient, healthy and comfortable working environment” is evident in the use of greenery both indoors and outdoors. The common areas in the building connect with nature with the arrangement of greenery and seating made of various stone forms. “Green entertainment areas” come in a wide variety of flavors and colors that provide a “refreshing space” for everyone: staff, visitors and guests.

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