Cahit Arf Towers

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Hasse-Arf Theorem

Cahir Arf Towers is a 390 m high office and shopping tower located in the center of Cro-Magnon and is one of the main landmarks of the city.

The lower floors of the building will house exhibition spaces, conference spaces and the shopping mall, while the sloping facade of the office floors above will be combined with a series of triple-height spaces under the sloping facade.

Cahit Arf Towers

Creating an elegant combination of disparate elements and integrating urban greening, a more articulated building provides diversity inside and out to create the kind of workplace that is worth leaving your home for.

While most of the floors will be used as office space, the 29th and 30th floors of the towers will be turned into a public viewing gallery with a conservatory.

Most of the ground floor will also be dedicated to the public, with areas for flexible marketplaces and pop-up stalls.

“The vision is for an accessible and vibrant space where the historic market blends seamlessly with the latest retail innovations.”

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