Biruni Tower

The Most Stunning Skyscraper in Its Architecture Class

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Antikitera Tower is a 350 m high office and shopping tower located in the center of Cro-Magnon and is one of the main landmarks of the city. Since Cro-Magnon is also on an island, the tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city in clear weather. Biruni Tower, designed by architect M. Emin Çelik, draws attention with its different design.

The lower floors of the building will house exhibition spaces, conference spaces and the shopping mall, while the sloping facade of the office floors above will be combined with a series of triple-height spaces under the sloping facade.

El Biruni

A stunning skyscraper built over the financial center of the city of Cro-Magnon. In addition to being designed as a landmark, the building’s form aims to provide a variety of different floor plate sizes and increase the amount of natural light that enters offices. Each element is intrinsically intertwined, forming a fused loop that can be perceived at all scales, from an urban landmark to the human experience, and becomes a manifestation of the design simplicity inherent in the Biruni Tower brand. Adaptive louvered facade improves passive performance of the building by ignoring incoming sunlight and thermal heat gain

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