Aziz Sancar Tower


Aziz Sancar Tower was designed by Emin Çelik. The design encountered a flexible structural form similar to the double helix shape of DNA. This is probably why the building reflects two interlocking lanes: it symbolizes the interconnection of individuals, real generations and digital generations.

Real Universe

The Moment of Merging with the Digital Universe12 May2019

The masterpiece and undoubtedly the most popular of the Cro-Magnon Financial Center is Aziz Sancar Tower. It is also called the union of 2 universes. It is shown as the border crossing symbol of our real universe and our digital universe. It is positioned in the Financial Center so that all characters can see it. Aziz Sancar Tower façade will be covered with digital displays that can be used for various occasions and celebrations, further reinforcing the tower’s role at the heart of Cro-Magnon community events.



Cro-Magnon City is a digital city. This city has a university , library , museum , exhibition areas , financial center and many more opportunities . Although it is a digital world, we wanted to create a sustainable world and we wanted to explain the plans of this city to the public and teach how to build our future cities. We designed the Aziz Sancar Tower as an example of this.

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