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Life, work and social life are three important activities in people's lives. These diverse archetypes cited a long and rich history of settlement and work forms as inspiration for the future.

Finding a Solution to the Problem

Take, for example, the apprentice’s house, the staff accommodation, the shop house, the craftsman’s house, and the merchant’s house. Typologies that emerged as a small-scale city in Ankara, thus giving entrepreneurs a spatial identity.

Cities are incubators and engines of the economy. In recent years, the city’s innovation has gone hand in hand with the rapid growth of services and the knowledge economy.

However, we removed entrepreneurship from residential areas to transform the city into an attractive residential and business environment. At the same time, the economy upset the balance among the people, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Human nature fights and works to survive until the last breath. As in Ankara-Scythians, they can collect other people’s waste and sell it for their own livelihood, fighting such a battle to survive and live.

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The most important desire of human nature is to establish a balance and bridge between life and work. This balance and bridge should be easily accessible to both the city and its inhabitants.

The backbone and heart of Ankara’s neighborhoods and the backbone and heart of Ankara are in this area. How can you once again establish the interdependence of life, work and social life? We must build strong structures for the spine to stand. And the people of Ankara, who have this backbone and heart, must offer a healthy life in order to give this body resistance. In other words, it is an architectural plan that gives Ankara citizens and entrepreneurs a sense of identity again.

In this plan, the identity of the entrepreneur and the resident of Ankara will be searched again. New residence, new business ventures, new social life, new exhibition centre.

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